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Gujarat samachar - a Mirror of the Gujarati Environment, a Threshold to the IT World

Gujarat samachar is the most powerful and reliable IT tool which provides regular, fresh and true happenings in the society. This news paper publishes from Ahmadabad as main press with a branch office in Surat.  Various editions of this newspaper publish from Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Vadodra and Mumbai.  Even this newspaper entered in abroad and publishes from New York.  This is the first ever news paper which publishes from outside the country. The publication of this news paper is being dealt by M/s Lok Prakashan Limited and has reached a readers gathering of more than 10 lakhs every day.  Besides gujarat samachar, various news papers also published in gujarati language.  Bombay samachar, Sambhav newspaper, Sandesh are the newspapers which are read by millions of readers daily in Indian and abroad too.  Gujarat samachar has not stretched its wings and reached to the new category of people who are equipped with computer and internet connection.  Electronic version of Gujarat samachar epaper is also launched with the view to attract more readers.  This version of Gujarat samachar has some different features. Complete hard copy of the news paper is available in form of epaper.  Though this version gained popularity very slowly in its starting age but now the widely read version of newspaper is gujarat samchar epaper.

No doubt, this newspaper is a leader among various information bundles in market.  Hard copy of this news paper is being published from Amdavad, Rajkot, Bhavnagar Vadodra and Surat.  In India, this news paper has the largest number of any daily regional newspaper. gujarat samachar epaper has free for all and published in Gujarati language.  For more information on the paper, one can visit the official website of this newspaper  and  This version is being published on daily basis.   Any kind of registration for reading this version is not required as conditioned by other websites of news papers.  gujarat samachar epaper hub is a collection of various epapers notwithstanding of their language.  From this platform, one can find his/her favorite newspaper in electronic version.  This version is published from New York with a daily frequency of more than 75000 hits.  For reading the electronic version of this news paper, some simple steps are required to be followed:-

  • Visit official website of the paper
  • Register yourself as a condition to read epaper.
  • Click on the language tab.
  • Select date
  • Read news paper.
Gujarat Samachar has some vital importance as he gujarati speaking population is spread into various countries of the world. In India, according to a statistics, more than 19 lakh gujarati readers are residing.  Though, this population is less in abroad but still more than 4 lakhs daily hits are recorded on the official website of this news paper.  Lok Prakashan Limited, looks after all the administrative affairs regarding publication of this news paper.  A team of editors monitors the various editions published at different venues.  Proof reading is deeply arranged by the press staff.  This news paper is rapidly acquiring the space in Indian news paper industry.
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